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Introduction to Portable Saunas in the USA

New brands of portable saunas have led the dramatic change in wellness center and health spa equipment in the USA from the old-school steam saunas to portable sauna reviewsmore futuristic devices with multiple-functions.  This "automated spa equipment" includes operator-free spa capsules, water massage beds, and phototherapy equipment which allow salon owners to offer many different services with minimum overhead.  On this website you can find everything from sauna blankets and infrared personal saunas to spa capsules and water massage tables with multiple functions. 

The old-school steam saunas have been reduced in size from one room to a "portable" sauna which accommodates 1 or 2 people.  These personal steam saunas have added new technology with infrared heat and red light therapy to help prop up a dying image of a cedar-sweat-box the next generation will ignore. 

The younger, more affluent Americans now expect to see a multi-purpose, space-age looking device like the sunless spray tanning booth, Magic Tan's Versa Spa.  The VersaSpa offers a moisturizing session and body isolation tanning along with sunless spray tans.  Clients today prefer spa capsules like the Hydration Station brand or water massage beds like the Aqua Profiler pictured below for day spa services that once required a technician.  Read more portable sauna reviews here and learn about new wellness center equipment below.

Today's automated spa clientele will pay for sessions in a "spa capsule"  as much for the cool looking egg-type design with integrated DVD players and stereo the evolution of portable saunas explainedspeakers as the salon services they provide. 

Spa capsules can deliver many different day spa services without the need for an attendant.  These services include: water massage, exfoliation, red light therapy, infrared therapy, vibrating massage, aroma therapy, and more. 

This website offers brief portable sauna reviews here and provides a venue to buy and sell used water massage tables like the Hydro Massage models and provide parts, supplies and service for many different types of portable saunas.  Please call us at 800-667-9189 or email us here with more questions about anything found on this website.  Our goal is to help you become successful!

The Hydro Massage 200-300-350 series water massage bed is our most sold portable sauna because of it's ability to super-heat the water to a therapeutic value and the ease in which the touch-screen software operates the session.  Preferred by used water massage table called the Hydro Massagetanning salons, day spas, and chiropractic offices around the USA, the Hydro Massage is by far the best portable sauna you can buy today in the water massage table class. 

We believe the open design of the Hydro Massage beds, aided by the fact the water pressure is coming up from the bottom with the client laying on their back and fully clothed, is why this delivery method is most successful. This is opposed by the "water pressure from the top while the client is laying face down method" which is offered by the Aqua Massage design. 

We offer water massage table reviews and buy and sell refurbished Aqua Massage, Aqua Profiler, and Hydro Massage beds anywhere in the USA.  We offer a 90 day warranty and provide parts, supplies and service for all personal saunas and portable saunas we sell and many others.  Call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information.