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Portable Sauna Parts, Supplies and Service

We offer parts, supplies and service for all portable saunas, hyrdo massage bed parts and supplies can be found herepersonal saunas, sunless tanning booths and tanning beds we sell on our various day spa and salon equipment websites. 

We have maintained a database of tanning bed repair and sunless booth repair technicians for over 15 years on our website located here: .  We also provide tanning bed parts for American Quality, Ergoline, ETS Tans, Wolff and many more brands on our website located here:

When you purchase a used spa capsule or water massage bed from this or any of our websites you will receive a 90 day parts only warranty.  We also offer free installation to most cities of the USA when you buy a used Magic Tan VersaSpa, Hydration Station or Hydro Massage Table.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information.

We have bought and sold many of these spa capsules and water massage beds portable sauna parts and supplies can be found herefound on these webpages and refurbished nearly all  them.  Therefore, we have a few extra old used parts laying around for these types of portable and personal saunas

This includes sides, tops and bases of old Hydration Stations and pumps and motors from old Hydro Massage beds.  Pictured here are just a few examples of the many items we can provide for portable sauna used parts and supplies.  Please think of us as a used personal sauna, sunless booth and water massage bed grave yard!  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information. 

If you need a repair technician please visit our website located at :  If you need to order parts and supplies for automated spa equipment, please visit our websites located at or or or