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Personal Steam Saunas

The evolution of portable saunas has gone from the personal steam sauna pictured here to the spa capsules like photo of a personal steam sauna with collapsible sidesthe Hydration Station, which offers and full body steam bath with wash down.  Not to mention a few other services, like aroma therapy, red light therapy, vibrating massage balls and integrated CD with stereo speakers. 

Your portable steam options today include 3 different levels of affordability:

Option #1 costs less then $200, you can go with a true portable steam sauna like the one pictured here which features collapsible sides and you provide the steam source inside the tent while only your head and arms extend out of the capsule. 

Option #2 is the Aroma Steam sauna you see pictured below left.  This steam sauna design concept has attempted to bring the old-school cedar wood look out of the woods using plastic and smoked windows.  These new-age personal steam saunas are priced from $2k to $5k and can seat up to 6 people with all the bells and whistles of option three. 

Option #3 is the old-school looking wood box (below right) which has been downsized to fit into a corner of a bathroom, bedroom or gym.  New features include computer controlled functions like infrared heat, blue and red light therapy, integrated sound systems and more. 

These cedar-looking boxes are being replaced by more modern spa capsules with multiple functions like the Hydration Station, which also provides a steam bath and the Hydro Massage, which heats water to a therapeutic level ideal for chiropractors.  New Hydration Stations and Hydro Massages may cost up to $20k or more but you can buy refurbished and used spa capsules and water massage tables here Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here with more questions.

Aroma Steam Sauna

Aroma Steam Sauna

Infrared Dual Heat Sauna

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